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The following Conditions apply to all agreements with Mototechnique Ltd,

Nothing in these Conditions shall effect the Statutory Rights of the Consumer.



1.1 Mototechnique Ltd refers to Mototechnique Ltd. 141 Molesey Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey.  KT8 2RY, United Kingdom.

1.2 Customer means any person entering into an agreement with Mototechnique Ltd, whether an individual or incorporated.

1.3 Agreement means any agreement entered into between the Customer and Mototechnique Ltd.

1.4 “Goods” means any goods forming the subject of an agreement with a customer, including Motor Vehicles.

1.5 “Services” means any services provided by Mototechnique Ltd.

1.6 “Price” means the price as detailed in any Sales Invoice issued by Mototechnique Ltd.

1.8 Reference to a gender or individual shall include, in context, reference to another gender or corporate body.




2.1 Payment for goods shall be made (unless otherwise agreed in writing) in cash, cheque, bankers draft or credit transfer in the currency in which the sale was conducted, on the date specified in the Sales Invoice or otherwise agreed by Mototechnique Ltd and the Customer.

2.2 Payment for services shall be made not more than 14 days after an invoice is rendered for such service.

2.3 In the event of any breach of any part of these Terms of Business, Mototechnique Ltd shall be entitled to withhold goods or services pending settlement of any claim by Mototechnique Ltd (or any third party instructed by Mototechnique Ltd), and shall be entitled to claim a reasonable sum for any expenses incurred as a result thereof including legal fees, storage charges, and maintenance and care of motor vehicles.


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