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                Call  0208 941 3510, kevin@mototechnique.com,  141, Molesey Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey.   KT8  2RY

Work progresses preparing a myriad of parts ready for re-fitment, work to the wiring loom in order to bring together analogue and digital systems, adaptions to the Ferrari 360 braking and cooling systems, preparation and painting of all bodywork, completing the re-build of the engine / transmission plus installation and fitment of the “ Fly by Wire throttle system “ and Motec ECU.  Development of a hydraulic clutch release system, design and build of the Perspex headlamp and engine covers, setting up initial fuel mapping for 1st engine start, and much, much more !!!!

Finalising with sessions of tough shakedown testing at a private test track facility.

3.6 Evo Dino,  Second page of progress photos.

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