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3.6 Evo Dino, 2 pages of progress photos …………

The Car’s spec is a Ferrari F40 engine block, by using a bespoke crankshaft and larger 85 mm light weight slipper pistons engine capacity is enlarged 3.6 Litres, Cylinder liners are light weigh alloy with a Nickasil coating and the pistons ride on Titanium con rods; the cylinder heads have been gas flowed and re-ported with larger valves.  Fuel injection is taken care of by the latest generation specification Motec ECU unit, using coil over plug pencil ignition we are able to monitoring and adjust the individual fuelling and ignition timing to each cylinder independent of it’s neighbours; additionally by way as a bonus, pre-ignition recognition / compensation is built in. An up-rated Ferrari 328 transmission unit is used with up-rated drive shafts’ and the wishbones are beefed up to counter flexing, fully adjustable Koni shocks are fitted as are Ferrari 360 brakes, the sports exhaust features Ferrari GTO Snap exhaust extractor tail pipes. The original graunchy mechanical clutch and throttle cable linkages are replaced with fly by wire throttle and a hydraulic clutch conversion mechanism, also fitted are a more powerful and clutch and a geared starter motor, bigger alternator to accommodate the EZ electric power steering ( necessary due to the wider more grippy tyres ) and the demands of air conditioning. Engine starting is instantaneous as the Motec ECU memorises the resting position of the crank and camshafts when rotation ceases, and so it only has to see the movement of one flywheel tooth and it fires the motor. As you see, in order to enjoy the progresses made in tyre design and performance we developed and made a set of 17 inch Campagnollo style wheels, this entailed scanning an original wheel and up-sizing the patterns and tooling followed by the casting / machining processes. For driver comfort we have fully applied sound and heat insulation materials throughout the car. Finally, a Plexiglas engine cover has been developed for show purposes and faired in Perspex headlamp covers with no visible fixings have been made and fitted.Next operation will be re-trimming the interior which will be handled by my Son Robert at orourkecoachtrimmers.com, then a thorough shake down road test and she will return to The USA; more to follow as we progress.

If you are interested in acquiring a 3.6 lt Evo Dino, just call.

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