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Embracing modern technology, never standing still.

Age old problems, High Tech solutions ………..

Fuel InjectionCarbon Fibre repairsTurbos'

Carbon Kevlar production

Turbo Technology

Fuel Injecting classic cars

Digital Scanning

Here we see the Digital scanning of an original Ford F40 chassis, all major datum points are recorded and checked against reliable data; in the event of no original date a donor car can e scanned and the relevant information stored for posterity.

In house production of Carbon composite body  parts using vacuum infusion methods, fabrication of mould and production of Perspex headlamp lenses.

Taking Ferrari F40s’ to a safe and reliable / tractable 700 plus Bhp using the latest generation of Turbo chargers and Motec ECUs’

Breathing new life into tired and inefficient classic sports cars, removal of Webber carburettors and their replacement with Jenvey throttle bodies running with a Motec a ECU resulting in horsepower rising from 160 Bhp to 227 Bhp with torque in abundance.

Chassis scanning